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1. You can make online purchases directly from the Wisła Kraków SA internet store.


2. The basic condition for order completion of the purchased products is the correct submission of the order in accordance with the store procedures (see: “How to buy?”).

3. The Wisła Kraków SA internet store reserves the right to refuse the completion of orders which raise doubts or which lack all the information indicated in the order form. In such a case, the ordering party shall be immediately informed on the fact that the order was not accepted and the reasons for refusing the order.

4. Orders may be placed 24 hours a day all year round. Orders placed on Saturdays after 2:00 pm as well as on Sundays and holidays will be processed in the morning on the following business day.

5. The goods are sent via Poczta Polska [The Polish Post]. Packages are mailed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays after 2:00 pm (except holidays). In specific cases, i.e. delays in product deliveries the date may be extended, however not exceeding 21 days. All information regarding your order can be obtained by directing questions to: sklep@wisla.krakow.pl (in such a case, please provide your email address, to which the response it to be mailed in the contact form). You can also check the status of your order by logging on, then moving to the “Your profile/Your order” tab.

6. The price of the goods in the Wisła Kraków SA internet store are given in PLN and include VAT. The price of the goods does not including shipping costs.

7. Persons placing orders in the internet store voluntarily agree to have their personal data processed (i.e. first and last name, telephone number, and email address) for Wisła Kraków SA marketing purpose and specifically for sending current internet store offers.

8. The Wisła Kraków SA internet store obliges to protect personal data, pursuant to the act of 29th August 1997 “On the protection of personal data”. Pursuant to this act, Wisła Kraków SA internet store customers have the right to access their information, amend it as well as submit a demand on the discontinuation of their use.

9. All products presented on the Wisła Kraków SA internet store site are original.

10. Orders below PLN 25 will not be completed.

11. We send the ordered products to:
a) the territory of Poland by COD (cash on delivery), bank transfer or credit card payment. The total shipping cost is PLN 15.

b) Abroad. Credit card payment. The total shipping cost is PLN 60.


12. In the event the product packaging, after its delivery bears signs of damage or an attempt at opening, the buyer is obligated, in the presence of the courier, or at the post office, to submit a damage protocol, not accepting the goods, under pain of recognition that the goods were delivered to the buyer in a state free from defects.

13. In the event the goods are defective or damages, Wisła Kraków shall deliver goods free from defects or damages or shall repair the damage within 30 days of receiving the goods from the buyer, under the condition of informing Wisła Kraków SA immediately on the ascertainment of the defect or damage as well as  presenting the proof of purchase for the goods in the Wisła Kraków SA internet store by the buyer.

Detailed provisions regarding consumers

14. A consumer, meaning a natural person making a purchase not directly connected with their business or professional activities, who has made a purchase of goods is authorized to withdraw from the agreement with 10 days from the receipt of the goods, through the submission of a relevant declaration and sending it by post or fax to the address of Wisła Kraków SA, under the condition that the goods remain in an unchanged manner.

15. In the event of the submission of a declaration, mentioned in sec. 1 the Consumer is obligated to immediately return to the goods to the address of Wisła Kraków SA.

Trade marks

16. All trade marks, logos or service marks used on the web page constitute the ownership of Wisła Kraków SA. The processing, modification or use on any different field of use is admissible solely under the expression of written consent of Wisła Kraków SA.