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How To Buy

Product search

1. Type the name of the product you are searching for in the search engine. After typing the information, click on "Search".


2. Click on one of the product categories (left panel) – see the list of products from the selected category. You can drag each of the products on this list into your shopping cart by or by clicking on the picture or the “More” link, which takes you to detailed information on the product.  You will find detailed information and the price on the selected product page. You may select the desire quality of the product (No. to the shopping cart) on the product page then accept the selection by clicking (OK). A confirmation of the above action is the change in the number and price of the products found in your shopping cart (right panel).

Buying T-shirts with numbers and last names:

You will find the “Buy a T-shirt with your last name” on each product, which allows for a dedicated name and/or number to be printed. Select the size of the T-shirt from the product card and then click on the selected size.

You will be transferred to the page with the module for ordering prints on T-shirts. In the “enter last name” field, enter the words (first name/last name/pseudonym/other), which you want to include on the upper part of the back of the T-shirt. In the “enter number” field, enter one or two digits, which you want to include on the central part of the back of the T-shirt. After ending, click on the “confirm” button, the system will remember your selection and the T-shirt with the selected adornments will be found in your shopping cart.

You can also directly go to the page with the module for ordering prints on the T-shirts, then from the expanded list, select the T-shirt you want and the size.

Your shopping cart

Your shopping cart is updated on a current basis in the information panel in the upper right corner (Your shopping cart). In order to check the contents, or changes in your shopping cart (changes in the quantity of the individual products or their removal), click on the shopping cart icon. You will find the products selected by you on the “Your shopping cart” page. Here, you can:
(1) make changes to the number of articles in the shopping cart or mark articles to be deleted by clicking "update shopping cart”, to accept the changes
(2) end shopping by clicking "place the order” and move to order completion
(3) go back to the store, selecting the given category of goods in the menu, or clicking on the "return to shopping" link.

Order completion

After clicking the "Place the order” link in your shopping cart, you will be moped to the "Your order” page.

Here, you can:
(1) see your entire order
(2) go back to the contents of the your shopping cart
(3) select a payment method:
- COD – cash on delivery (only Poland)
- bank transfer (only Poland)
- credit card

If this is your first order, you need to fill in the registration form by clicking "Registration”.
If you have already placed an order, enter your login, password and log on. If you want to change your data click “Edit data”.
If all the information given on the page is correct, place your order by clicking “Order”.

If you have provided your email while placing the order or during registration (returning customers), you will receive an order confirmation.  
Your profile

You can always check the status of your order by clicking on “Your Profile/Your order” after logging on. You also have access to your order history, when you can see what you have ordered in the past.

In the “Your profile/address book” tab, you can enter more than one shipping address. If you enter a second one (apart from the one required during registration) you will be able to select the address, you want the order shipped to.